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Did you get surprised when you unpack apple Ipad and you didn’t find a manual or a CD that shows you how to use Ipad perfectly.

An apple user on the official website said that on the support community :

I’m an engineer with LOTS of computer background and experience in both operating and programming with Windows & Windows applications. I recently bought an iPad and found ZERO instructions for using it. My intent was to use it solely for books and pictures. I did not run iTunes because I had no interest in doing anything with music. Out of desperation I opened iTunes and discovered it is the vehicle for doing everything. BUT I found ZERO instructions for using iTunes. I was left to fumble & click & experiment for hours with great frustration. The help files are helpless. I finally bought a book “iPad for Dummies” which gave me exactly what I needed to know.. mostly. I don’t understand how Apple can sell these products without instructions on how to use them! Searching for online help files and tutorials is NOT the way.Any “MANUALS” out there anywhere?

for many users it’s really a problem although the can find a manual bookmarked in Safari on the iPad, but many users don’t like the idea that you have to brows for a manual. but apple depends on the bookmarked manual and the finger tips but unfortunately it’s not easy to use for many users.

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